San Anselmo Business Outlook Survey

The San Anselmo Economic Development Committee (EDC) is currently distributing The San Anselmo Business Outlook Survey.

The survey, which can be found at, will give the EDC the opportunity to hear the opinions and ideas of our business community.

The EDC is using three distinct channels to distribute the survey:

  1. A mailing to all businesses in San Anselmo
  2. The San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce is alerting all of its members
  3. The members of the EDC are personally visiting each business and dropping off postcards with the website of the survey.

I haven’t had an opportunity to distribute my allotment of postcards yet, my troubled right meniscus has kept me on the sidelines, but I’m ready to jump into the fray tomorrow.

Earlier today, on my way to pick up the postcards, I spoke with four different merchants on San Anselmo Avenue. Of the four merchants:

  1. Three of the merchants had received the postcard mailing and one had already filled out the online survey.
  2. One merchant was curious about the cost and wondered why the committee hadn’t simply distributed the survey by hand.  I explained that Town Staff,  with input of the EDC had prepared the survey and no additional costs had been borne by the town to compose the survey.  I also pointed out that that members of the committee had volunteered their time (including the wife of Council member and EDC Council Liaison John Wright), to distribute the survey.  Finally, I noted that not all owners are at their shops at all times and an online survey is the most effective way to reach a large number of potential respondents.
  3. The merchant that hadn’t gotten the mailing was curious and suggested that I stop back when I had picked up my postcards.

I’m very excited to begin distributing the postcards and await the merchant responses with bated breath.