What Kind of People are San Anselmo People

Last month, the MarinIJ ran a story about downtown Novato. One interesting comment in the story was from Dr. Robert Eyler chief economist of  the Marin Economic Forum

“Novatans are more Costco people, not boutique people,” he said. “The data is plain that Target and Costco are big players. Downtown doesn’t have that anchor to draw wallets.”

This analysis of Novato residents reminds me of some of the current challenges in San Anselmo residents.  What types of merchants or services do San Anselmo residents want in their community.  When I was recently passing out the San Anselmo Merchant survey I was struck the number of times merchants made reference to wealth of San Anselmo residents without placing it within any other context.  There seemed to be a sense that people have an infinite amount of disposable income and would purchase any service or goods regardless of its value or desirability.

Are the residents of San Anselmo “house-rich” and cash poor?  Are they long-time residents whose wealth is primarily the value of the house and not necessarily in a relatively high income.

I’m hopeful the forthcoming consumer survey will allow the San Anselmo Economic Development Committee (EDC) to begin to answer these questions in a constructive manner